WordPress Post Expirator 1.6.1 Released

Changes in this version include:

  • Tweaked error messages, removed clicks for reset cron event
  • Switched cron schedule functions to use “current_time(‘timestamp’)”
  • Cleaned up default values code
  • Added option to allow user to select any cron schedule (minute, hourly, twicedaily, daily) – including other defined schedules
  • Added option to set default expiration duration – options are none, custom, or publish time
  • Code cleanup – php notice

The plugin can be downloaded at the WordPress Plugins Page.  Enjoy!

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15 Responses to WordPress Post Expirator 1.6.1 Released

  1. Studioleland says:

    How would one include this via function call in wordpress page template?

  2. Aaron,
    I love your plug-in. I was wondering if you could add a feature to it though. When a post expires to a category, would it be possible to make it strike through the links (or text) of the post and add a formatted EXPIRED! notice somewhere in the post so that visitors hitting that link would readily see that it’s expired?

  3. Anna says:

    Hi there. Thank you for this wonderful plugin! I really appreciate your hard work in creating it.

    I like that it has the option to add the expiration date/time in the footer of the post. Is it possible, however, for this footer message to only appear up once the post is expired? The way I understand it, the message appears on the post prior to expiration and stays there after expiration. I modified the contents of the footer to read “Sorry, this deal expired on …” but then realized that this message was posted immediately (and not just after expiration).

    Thank you!

    • Aaron Axelsen says:

      So basically, if there was a checkbox in the settings that would restrict the footer message from showing until after expiration, that would do the trick?

  4. Kumar says:

    Hello Aaron,

    Please let me know if there is a way I can display a custom message on expired posts ..? like ” Deal expired” but contact remain there and same time i move it to archive or some other category. Please reply me on my email.. I really need this function.

    • Aaron Axelsen says:

      This sounds like the same question as stated above – So basically, if there was a checkbox in the settings that would restrict the footer message from showing until after expiration, that would do the trick?

  5. Wolfe says:

    Hi, it seems there´s no function with WP 3.5, it doesn´t work with it. I am not the only one, having problems with it. it doesn´t delete the posts/pages and the debug log only shows warnings about missing arguments.

    Look here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/wordpress-35-broken-post-expirator

    Are you working on a debug?

    Would be nice to here from you, Wolfe

  6. Eddie Wong says:


    Great concept to having the post expire automatically, but I seem to be having trouble making it work.

    My wordpress version is: 3.5
    My Theme is Book Lite

    I had the post time set-up so the post goes to delete after the event is over. But it seems the post still visible. I have removed the plugin, but really like to have it working. Is it that my version is not compatible?

  7. Malcolm says:

    Hi Aaron! How can I call the expiration date from within the template? Thanks!

  8. Dragos says:

    Hello thanks for this plugin Aaron

    I want to ask you one thing.

    Is it possible this:

    I want to import posts, for example ads from another source via RSS.
    Ads expire in 2 months.

    I can import create those posts via CSV file or directly from RSS feed and asign the expire custom fields for every post.

    Easiest way for me will be to have something like this: get publish date + X days (for example 60)

    Can your plugin do that with shortcode or with custom field?

    I’m playing with your plugin in 3.31 WP, and after few tests with Draft posts, I have problem, posts are not deleted.

    Now I will try with published posts.

    For now I can see your plugin create custom field and Post get those numbers in it:

    1 hour – I get 1361934600 in custom field
    1 day – 1362017400
    1 month – 1364350200
    2 months -1367028600

    Are those numbers make any sense, some kind of pattern so I can use for my solution, is it first two numbers – year and other are seconds or else…

    Can I simply put something like that in custom field of posts and get expiration date.


    • Aaron Axelsen says:

      The number it uses is the unix timestamp value, in GMT form. With the latest version of the plugin you cannot simply just set a timestamp value, an expiration event also needs to be scheduled

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