WordPress Post Expirator 1.5.3 Released

This is a minor bugfix release. There was an issue with the expiration sql query that was impacting some users.  Screenshots have also been added to the plugin page.

The plugin can be downloaded at the WordPress Plugins Page.

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3 Responses to WordPress Post Expirator 1.5.3 Released

  1. Paul Phillips says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for a great plugin!

    May I suggest a couple of small mod’s in post-expirator.php to fix depreciated functions in WordPress 3.3+.

    line 386

    Old line – echo get_bloginfo(‘siteurl’).’/’;

    New line – echo home_url().’/’;

    line 439

    Old line – add_submenu_page(‘options-general.php’,__(‘Post Expirator Options’,’post-expirator’),__(‘Post Expirator’,’post-expirator’),9,basename(__FILE__),’postExpiratorMenu’);

    New line – add_submenu_page(‘options-general.php’,__(‘Post Expirator Options’,’post-expirator’),__(‘Post Expirator’,’post-expirator’),’edit_posts’,basename(__FILE__),’postExpiratorMenu’);

    Cheers, Paul.

  2. Luke says:


    Thanks for creating this plugin. You need to turn on debug output so you can see that your plugin in throwing warning messages. What Paul is saying is correct. Would you be able to incorporate his changes?


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