WordPress Post Expirator 1.5 Released

This is a much overdue release, but does add support for one of the most requested features – category support!

In version 1.5, you can configure a certain selection of categories that will be applied to the post at expiration time.  If you select expiration categories, this will override the default action of either changing the post status to draft or deleting it.  If you leave all expiration categories unchecked, the default post action will be carried out as usual.  When expiration time comes up, all categories on the post will be replaced with the new category selection set under the Post Expirator meta box.

In addition, on the Post Expirator setting page you can also choose to disable the category option and also set default categories that will be populated when you create a new post.

As you can see from the image above, the Post Expirator meta box code has also been cleaned up and moved over to the sidebar where it is more suited.

The plugin can be downloaded at the WordPress Plugins Page.  Enjoy!

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6 Responses to WordPress Post Expirator 1.5 Released

  1. Hello, Aaron.

    I’ve created a pt_BR locale file for Post Expirator:

    Also, the plugin stopped working with custom post types since the last update.

    Thank you for this very useful plugin!

  2. Raymond Hill says:

    I second the above comment about it not working with custom post types any more. I’ve already gone back to 1.4.3.

  3. Michael says:

    Im using future dates as published dates with “the future is now” plugin for a zilion soon expired deals.
    The future dates are inserted as published from an rss feed
    I can insert them as well in the post content or as custom fields
    The deals have also start date where its easy. The difficult part for me is the future dates.
    I tried to make some modifications and to some other expirators but with no success.Im new to php and im busting my head for a week now!
    I used get_the_date which worked partly for “post expiry” and i managed to your post-expirator.php to make the checkbox for enabling post expiration to be automatically selected.
    As we speak i have good news .OK !!! Here is what ive got untill now:

    function expirationdate_meta_box($post) {
    // Get default month
    $expirationdatets = get_post_meta($post->ID,’expiration-date’,true);
    if (empty($expirationdatets)) {
    $defaultmonth = get_the_date(‘m’);
    $defaultday = get_the_date(‘d’);
    $defaulthour = get_the_date(‘H’);
    $defaultyear = get_the_date(‘Y’);
    $defaultminute = get_the_date(‘i’);
    $enabled = ‘ checked=”checked”‘;
    $disabled = ”;
    $categories = get_option(‘expirationdateCategoryDefaults’);
    } else {
    $defaultmonth = get_the_date(‘m’,$expirationdatets);
    $defaultday = get_the_date(‘d’,$expirationdatets);
    $defaultyear = get_the_date(‘Y’,$expirationdatets);
    $defaulthour = get_the_date(‘H’,$expirationdatets);
    $defaultminute = get_the_date(‘i’,$expirationdatets);
    $categories = get_post_meta($post->ID,’_expiration-date-category’,true);
    $enabled = ‘ checked=”checked”‘;
    $disabled = ”;
    } and in line 70 :
    $time_delete =get_the_date(‘Y-m-d H:i:s’); which is inserting the dates i want but not after updating each post individually. And it doesnt delete them either or removes them to another category.
    I really dont know if this is possible ,to automatically insert the future expiring
    dates and remove them from certain category.
    I would appreciate any help !!!

    • Aaron Axelsen says:

      Just so I’m clear, your goal is to have post expiration expired by default, and to add a default expiration date of say 1 week from the day it was posted?

  4. Michael says:

    Sorry for the delay ,that was a stupid idea.All i want is to automatically insert the expiring day from a custom field .Is that possible and how?? Im new to php!help please!!

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